Have Questions About Our Program?

Q. How can CFI help me sell more houses?

A. With us, more prospective home buyers will qualify. If more home buyers qualify, you will have more opportunities to sell houses.

Q. How can CFI help me list more houses?

A. Sellers will appreciate that you have avenues to help credit challenged buyers purchase their house.

Q. How can CFI help me get my listings sold faster?

A. Supply and Demand. We increase the demand. More buyers = shorter marketing times.

Q. Can I buy a home through you on these terms?

A.Yes, yes and yes. You will not be the first Realtor, nor the last to take advantage of our program. We understand the nature of commission driven income. We understand the obstacles you face from the banking industry. We want you to buy through us partly because once you do you will become a loyal fan, and that is exactly how this program succeeds. Through proven testimonials of success.

Q. What kind of properties do you accept?

A. Single Family Dwellings are preferred. We will accept up to a 4 unit property. The Land Contract buyer must intend to live in the property. The property must meet certain conditions and value, the criteria of which we will provide upon request. Find your client a great deal, and we will do the rest. Call us if you have any doubts. SCI reserves the right to approve/disapprove each transaction as they see fit.