Information For Realtors.

Stop turning away buyers who can not qualify with a major bank. Stop missing out on those commissions and deals. We qualify buyers by a completely different set of standards. Not all of your buyers will qualify but I promise you, many will.

Basic requirements:

-Minimum 17.1% down. (20% on houses under $35K)

-Excellent debt to income ratios

-Income stability
What we can work with:

-Recent foreclosure or short sale and even a bankruptcy related to same.

-Credit issues can be okay provided they are not habitual.

SCI works with good people who have suffered hard times. We do not work with people who make a habit of not paying their bills on time. Our underwriting process takes into consideration the current economy, and the financial position of the buyer. We view the whole person, not just a number on a credit report. Because we are a direct lender we can often can make an underwriting decision in as quickly as a few days. We can generally fund the transaction as soon as all the title work is complete. Contact us to put your transaction in process.