An Overview Of Our Program For Real Estate Professionals.

NOTE: This section of our website is intended for Real Estate professionals only. It does not contain all terms and conditions. It does present an accurate picture for Realtors to get started with us. If you are not a Realtor please contact your Realtor for all required details of our program.

We facilitate home ownership for your buyers. In a nutshell, you get your client pre-approved by sending us their 1003 loan application, as well as a single agency credit report. Once pre-approved you go out to help them find the home of their dreams. We make the offer through you and resell immediately to your buyers on pre-arranged land contract terms. Your buyer will know all of the terms and conditions before the offer is made. We take the cash price for the home and mark it up in price to cover our costs and profits. Contact us for our current price mark up requirements.

We pay cash. Your buyer puts 17.1% down and is given a fully amortized 17 year loan. Based on our current cost of funds the buyer’s interest rate will be 7.75%. There is no prepayment penalty. SCI offers a discount to clients who pay off their contracts early. Contact us for complete information.

The buyer pays normal title and escrow fees. The only fee we add is a transaction fee of $355.00 to cover our costs of underwriting and property approval. If the deal does not close your buyer pays us nothing.

By selling more property, you can service more clients and increase your income! Stop turning down credit challenged prospects. While we cannot approve all applications, the likelihood is that you will sell more properties while working with us. Why should your buyer have to wait several years for their credit to improve while the home they want continues to rise in price? Help them buy now!