Our Core Values

Risk Awareness

We believe we should always understand the risks that we are taking. We know our market. We specialize in what we know and will not invest in products we do not understand. We are conservative in our projections and carry a strong cash balance in our accounts at all times. We manage risk through knowledge, skill and integrity.


No smoke and mirrors. You can contact us at any time for information and our audited financials. We are happy to discuss our business model and process.

Emotional Capital

Our work is about more than a paycheck. We do not and will not work for only a paycheck. We believe that to only see “the numbers” and to ignore the human element is and will always be less profitable.

Profit with Principles

We care how we make our profit. We do it with a longer term view. SCI has a wider and deeper definition of profit that goes well beyond next quarter’s bottom line. We seek profits plus positive social and environmental benefits.


We embrace a philosophy of balance. Philanthropy and business are not mutually exclusive. It is in a marriage between the two where the most real and sustainable profits are found.