About SC Investments

Socially Conscious Investments was founded on the principle that business can and should be win/win for all involved. In this day and age we have seen the breakdown of economic systems that were once dependable and strong. It is our belief that community building, small town banking systems, and getting to know each other one on one is the best way to build, and for some rebuild, solid wealth, equity, and security. Investors, home buyers and agents can all profit from our business transactions. Our business model incorporates multiple levels of protection for our investors, and yields a solid rate of return on secured funds. Working with us, real estate agents can earn more commissions while helping people who have been locked out of the banking world. With our model, deserving families have a better chance to purchase the home of their choice.

Look to us for:

-Careful screening of home buyers
-Thorough inspection of properties
-Knowledgeable people “on the ground” in the region
-A consistently expanding network of realtor/real estate agents, contractors, and title agents
-Transparent transactions
-Generous rate of return for investors
-Assisting Realtors to widen their client base
-Evolved capitalism: Making a profit from socially responsible investments