Evolved Capitalism

What We Do

SC Investments, Inc. facilitates home ownership among people who have been locked out of the banking industry due to credit and other qualifying issues. We believe there is more to a person than his or her FICO score. Much like the old community banks of yesterday, we look at the whole person to make our underwriting decision. As a result we have a very low borrower default rate even though we provide opportunities for people who mainstream banks would reject. In fact, we have a lower borrower default rate than every national bank. Our approach is hands on, and is structured to help the individual through education and personalized support. We recognize that getting to know our clients is an important part of why our system works.

Our Goal

SC Investments seeks to improve the residential market in the greater Detroit metro area with the intention of providing qualified families an opportunity to purchase the home of their choice. In the process SC Investments seeks to strengthen the Real Estate Market by offering new opportunities within the communities in which we do business.

“If you believe wider home ownership is a good thing for families, neighborhoods and society in general consider placing a portion of your investment capital in our secured bond fund. Invest in a better future. Have your independent financial advisor get in touch with us.”